WATCH: Jewelry Ad Astonishes Viewers With Ground-Breaking Question, What Is A Woman?

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This Mother’s Day, don’t gift your mom a present that will remind her how special she is … instead, remind her that she is a biological female with a handcrafted from Egard Watches.

Ilan Srulovicz, the founder of Egard Watches, has hit a boiling point with the politically correct left and is using his products and platform to fight back in the culture wars.

Targeting the left with his crafty marketing campaigns, Srulovicz is back to work defending his views after putting out an ad, begging the question: what is a woman?

Posing the same question that stumped newly named Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, Srulovicz reminded viewers that overthinking a simple binary between men and women has negative effects.

One of those outcomes is the deterioration of women’s athletics as biological men, such as Penn swimmer Lia Thomas, enter sports leagues and associations that have traditionally split competition between both genders.

“How long do we sit idly by and not stand for the sacred value of womanhood as it loses all meaning?” stated the ad. “Because we believe that womanhood is a birthright.”

Companies such as Nike and Adidas have not only turned a blind eye to the downfall of women’s sports; they’re actively celebrating it.

Egard and Srulovicz have also targeted Gillette’s ads over their intent to defeat ‘toxic masculinity.’

“We crafted an ad campaign that celebrates our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts and daughters, and everything they represent to paint a stark contrast to the lies we are all being told,” Srulovicz told The Washington Times.

“The push for Transgender rights is no longer about equality; it’s now a cleverly-crafted lie that comes at the expense of women. We ask all Americans to join us to speak truth.”

Egard’s latest Womanhood ad gave viewers a simple questionnaire in confusing times:

“What is a woman?”

“Is women’s history of achievements quickly being erased?”

“Is a woman a feminine force of nature?”

“Is a woman a sister, a daughter, a mother? Is a woman the wonder of childbirth?”

“Is a woman a warrior who fought for her place?”

Srulovicz believes that by using his brand to commemorate the differences between men and women, more Americans can wake up and challenge the dangerous precedent set by blurring the line between the two.

“I think there’s this huge culture war taking place where there’s a certain percentage of the culture that wants to do away with the concept of gender entirely, and a lot of corporations are very woke nowadays, and they think that’s who their best clientele is,” Srulovicz added.

“And then there’s the silent percent of the country that strongly believes that these things do have value and do have meaning, and no one’s fighting for their side.”


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Written by Alejandro Avila


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