WATCH: CNN+ Talent Rex Chapman Pays Tribute To Dead Coach, Who Is Still Alive

Dedicated to Pete Gillen (1947 – )

Switch Rex Chapman’s iPhone out with a microphone and he’ll show you why it’s better to steer from his original content.

(Congrats, CNN+)

Appearing alongside a panel of CBS broadcasters on Saturday to delve into the March Madness slate of games, Chapman’s commentary led to a major folly when he spoke on the former Providence and Virginia Cavaliers coach, Pete Gillen.

Reflecting back on Gillen’s run, Chapman decided to throw in a last-minute R.I.P. to the former coach … who happens to still be alive and well at 74.

Making matters worse is Gillen’s current employment with CBS, which likely explains the confused reactions facing Chapman after his ill-timed tribute.


As reported by OutKick’s Bobby Burack, CBS / Turner signed Chapman to cover the NCAA tournament and produce original content for CNN’s streaming service, CNN+.

Chapman’s pedigree for producing digital material includes quoting viral content and the occasional pander to the woke mob.

“Again, unless Jemele Hill is interested, I can’t think of a worse addition to the March Madness team than this guy,” noted Burack.

Rex Chapman’s Broadcasting Career (2022-2022)

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