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Former Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians used Thursday’s farewell press conference to finally address the elephant in the room. No, not Tom Brady — who’s hardly an elephant and who had a front row seat. Arians used the podium to take one last swing at Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio.

After thanking those in attendance, Arians began to walk off stage and into retirement, but he changed his mind and quickly pivoted back.

“One other thing. It’s been great working with you guys in the press. You’ve been fantastic. All over the country,” Arians told assembled media members. “Florio, you can write what you want. It’s OK.”

Mic (Florio) drop.

Guess we know who Arians is voting for in OutKick’s 2022 Woke All-Star Challenge Elite Eight!

As opposing defenses learned the hard way throughout his coaching career, Arians is not afraid to take a shot. And Thursday’s verbal strike hit the intended target dead on.

Arians’ jab was met with both applause and laughter, neither of which should come as a surprise. Arians, 69, is just the latest to comment on Florio’s penchant for stirring the pot, oftentimes with little evidence.

Last month was no different. Throughout March, Florio had been telling anyone who would listen that Brady would return to the NFL from retirement and force his way to the 49ers. He was also adamant that Arians’ retirement and Brady’s return were tied to one another because of a rift between the two. But many NFL insiders, including OutKick’s own Armando Salguero, have refuted that claim. Salguero recently wrote that “Arians felt comfortable to step away because Brady’s presence made the Bucs a jewel rather than a piece of coal to turn over to (new head coach Todd) Bowles.”

Like an elephant, people don’t forget, Mike.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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