Watch: Beer For A Buck Causes Minor League Fans To Brawl

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Dollar beers always seem like a good idea. And then next thing you know, a couple of lubed up fans are throwing suds at the opposition and suddenly, ballpark beers turn to fears. At least that’s what happened at a minor league ballpark in Jersey earlier this week.

While (apparently) a few cups deep, a handful of fans at the Sussex County Miners – New Jersey Jackals minor league tilt found themselves in the middle of a brawl, after showering the Miners with beer. Montclair State University police were called to the scene shortly after the ballpark stands began to resemble WrestleMania . Following the brawl-ensuing brew bath, a number of spectators were either arrested or ejected, though no injuries were reported.

Montclair State spokesman Andrew Mess addressed the scrum in an email to “By the time University Police arrived, players were already moving back into the dugout and Jackals personnel were in the process of ejecting several fans from the stadium.”

After a short break in the action for a little hand-to-hand combat, the Miners and Jackals returned to the field at Yogi (dollar) Berra Stadium to finish their Independent League game. After a literal, hard-fought game, the Miners claimed a 15-14 victory.

This is hardly the first, and surely not the last time beer, minors, and the police will be getting together.

Written by Anthony Farris

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