Watch Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence dance on Billy Joel’s piano

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are gonna be in the spotlight a lot over the next year-plus, as they are writing a screenplay together in which they play sisters. That’ll be hysterical whenever it comes out.

(Full disclosure: I will defend Amy Schumer to death after this gift she gave us in July and don’t care what any critics say.)

Until then, it looks like their pseudo-sister bonding is well underway.

Billy Joel performed Thursday night at Wrigley Field, and Schumer and Lawrence made a surprise appearance on stage when Joel sang “Uptown Girls.” After prancing around a bit, they climbed up on Joel’s piano and gave the crowd a show. It looked like quite a grand time, and we wish you were there.

Amy and Jennifer — you’re forever welcome at Outkick.

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Written by Clay Travis

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