WATCH: After Ballsy Play, Youth Hoopers Shake Hands Mid-Game

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A video of a Norwegian youth basketball player, whose aggressive defense resulted in the wrong kind of loose ball, has prompted men from around the globe to guard the family jewels a little more closely.

As the viral video painfully details, a wing defender in a local youth league has the right idea when he extends his arms and leans into a passing lane. Those traditional techniques do prevent a pass from hitting its target. However, he also then sacrifices his body indeed when the Spalding hits him right between the legs.

Watch this true ball don’t lie moment and try not to wince:

Immediately after taking a shot to his private region, the defender disregards any and all basketball obligations and lets out a very understandable groan. However, the passer also briefly puts the game on pause after he recognizes that he has inadvertently violated bro code 101.

Then, in a sign of mutual respect not seen since Johnny Lawrence hands the All Valley trophy to Daniel LaRusso, the competitors shake hands as play continues around them.

Whether the passer’s handshake is sincere is up for debate. Within seconds of his apology and while concerned defenders are still wondering why their teammate’s voice has jumped an octave, the guard finds a teammate cutting to the basket for an easy layup. (The passer also travels, but that’s another story.)

But even if it is all a ploy for an easy 2 points, we can all at least appreciate the gesture of sportsmanship.

Defense may win championships, but some things are bigger than basketball.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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