Watch A Fuel Tanker Explode At Exit 69 Big Beaver Road On I-75 In Michigan

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Those of you who have driven the U.S. version of the Autobahn — I-75 northbound around Big Beaver Rd. Exit 69 in Troy, Michigan — know that all hell can break loose at any moment on a stretch of highway where jacked-up Dodge Rams are battling for highway positioning on their way Up North® to their hunting cabins.

It’s an eat or be eaten stretch of highway where all it takes is one car or fuel tanker getting loose and you have a serious situation on your hands. Monday, things got real serious when a tanker carrying 14,000 gallons of fuel lost control and hit the center divider, turning the trailer into a fireball.

Authorities say the 46-year-old truck driver suffered minor injuries from the accident. MDOT had to close part of the highway, and there’s reportedly some buckling of the road due to the heat put off when 14,000 gallons of fuel heated up the surface.

As you’d suspect, it’s going to be slow going through the Big Beaver Exit 69 corridor over the next few days as the highway department cleans up the mess. Good luck to those who work in that area or those of you thinking about heading to the Somerset Collection mall to walk around. Might want to skip that plan.

Here’s what the scene looked like on the southbound at Big Beaver Rd. No bueno!

Tanker fire. 75/Big Beaver

Posted by CrimeInTheD on Monday, July 12, 2021

Written by Joe Kinsey

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