Washington Wizards Westbrook Speaks Out After Fan Pours Popcorn On Him

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It was an ugly scene on Wednesday night as a fan attending the NBA playoff game in Philadelphia poured popcorn on Washington Wizards star Russell Westbrook as he left the court with an ankle injury.

The incident got ugly. To the surprise of no one, Westbrook became enraged and had to be held back by multiple Wizards staffers and arena security guards as he went down the tunnel limping with roughly 10 minutes left in Game Two. The 76ers ultimately won 120-95.

A number of players in the game spoke out, with many saying that fans have too much access to players and that things are getting out of hand.

“The amount of disrespect, the amount of fans just doing whatever the f— they want to do — it’s just out of pocket,” Westbrook said.

“There are certain things that cross the line. Any other setting … a guy were to come up on the street and pour popcorn on my head, you know what happens.

“In these arenas, you got to start protecting the players. We’ll see what the NBA does.”

The fan got a simple ejection from the incident with no other punishment.

Wizards coach Scott Brooks said whoever the fan is should not be allowed back to any games and should have a permanent ban from the league and from league-wide events.

“Very disrespectful. Philadelphia is better than that,” Brooks said.

Written by Matt Loede

Matt has been a part of the Cleveland Sports landscape working in the media since 1994 when he graduated from broadcasting school. His coverage beats include the Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Cavaliers. He's written three books, and won the "2020 AP Sports Stringer Lifetime Service Award."


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  1. I went to a football game in Philly once when I was young. My shirt was orange. We were on ground level after the game. I heard someone yelling, “Hey you pumpkin” several times. I looked up to third level of the stadium and a guy pulled his pants down flashing me his junk. Who does this? Some Philly fans are lunatics. I say ban the popcorn guy.

    • Great story but how does that have anything whatsoever to do with a bag of popcorn being dumped on someone? We all know philly fans suck and this is minimal disrespect from them at that. These are the same people who drilled Santa Claus with snowballs at a football game Russ needs to get over himself.

    • I am thinking a bowling ball toss would be justification for a Westbrook cry baby tantrum, or a weekend with Professor Dipshit at the local university. Maybe Westbrook could put some hours in on his advanced degree. Like LeMoron, Westbrook is an eight grader, but identifies as a “trained mind”. The NBA has created a “woke” environment let them live with it. I am out.

    • The NBA calls fans everything under the sun, the NBA hates fans, fans are not welcome at the games, they do not care if you do not watch. I am with the NBA, they don’t care about me, they disrespect me. I return the same love they show me. The relationship is over. Like the old blues song, “I’d have to be blind, crippled, and crazy” to care about these bigots and their Chinese pals.

  2. So, Westbrook and LeBron want some kind of “security” to “police” the fans. They don’t like how the fans act and behave and want some sort of “authoritarian” force to control them. I think it’s time to label those two asshats as #whiteprivileged

  3. I don’t blame Russ for being pissed. Anyone is going to be in that scenario. I see a few People
    On this comment board acting like they wouldn’t mad 😂 stop. Of course you would be.

    But this still isn’t going to make me care about a league that continually talks trash about the country that made them millionaires. To hell with the NBA

  4. I’m with you on this Police. You’re an asshole if
    you’re going to a game and throwing shit. If you’re a grown man and still acting like this you have problems. I don’t care if it’s only popcorn. Grow the fck up. Why are you still giving the nba your money anyway? They don’t like you

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