Washington Post Found to Have Massively Misquoted Trump ‘Find the Fraud’ Comment

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When the words “bombshell,” “according,” “to,” “the,” “Washington,” and “Post” are read together — assume whatever follows is mostly false.

The Washington Post has now quietly updated a report from two months ago that quoted then-President Donald Trump pressuring a Georgia election official to “find the fraud” to overturn the election. The audio now confirms Trump never said that nor did he bribe Frances Watson, the chief investigator for Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, with the title of “national hero,” as The Post also inaccurately reported.

Here’s a look at the correction, responding to the audio of the call that The Wall Street Journal published last week:

That is quite the mistake. Hard to mix up those words, no? It happens. Maybe Jeff Bezos is next to get a hit piece written on him with words he never used?

“Nobody at WaPo will be held accountable for reporting fake quotes from anonymous sources attributed to the president of the United States that were completely made up because corporate media is a blatantly corrupt enterprise,” The Daily Caller’s Greg Price first pointed out.

Of course not. The Washington Post remains rather proud of this story’s talking points that spread to CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, and Twitter. They were hits. Fake, but successful.

Some may call this another nail in the coffin to the credibility of The Washington Post‘s, but they’d be wrong. To those at The Post, this is a win because they already inflicted the harm they’d intended. Their credibility is also long gone, so they don’t have to worry about damaging that anymore either.

These quiet updates to stories that people are no longer reading and sharing have little to no impact. Few original readers or viewers of networks that discussed the made-up quotes are going back two months and finding this correction hidden in the archives.

Is anyone expecting the news networks to provide this update tonight? Millions of Americans will never know Trump was widely misquoted, and that’s part of the game.

As always, subscribe to newspapers. Honest ones.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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  1. Any “bombshell” hit pieces are always front page. Any retractions (which there have been many) are always lost on one of the back pages. Standard operating procedure for The Washington Compost.

  2. imagine this:

    a 50 year veteran of dc politics with dementia Joe Biden campaigns from home. barely works at all and never answers questions.

    meanwhile Trump works 24/7 and campaigns and gets covid and keeps going. and answers questions every day and often.

    and now the wasted lazy 80 year old creepy child molestor Joe is the POTUS?

    Obiden can barely speak and nobody is parsing his words or even cares.

    why is this happening? are my eyes deceiving me?

  3. And shame on Georgia for waiting so long to release the audio! Imagine how much harm that could have been avoided if they release the audio the day after the headline appeared.

  4. I now put the over/under on when Biden exits stage right the 4th of July. He will declare the Chinese flu defeated and his job is done! He’ll admit his health is not strong enough to continue and then hand off the reigns to the Ho. WaPo will trumpet his get accomplishments and let him ride off into the sunset a liberal hero.

  5. The real “theft” of the election took place over 4+ years of relentless, unfair and biased media reporting. WaPo, the Times, CNN, etc etc etc should all be prosecuted for campaign finance violations.

    • I thought that would be the case in time but we’re talking about the same people particularly the most god awful generation in history of the country that believe Ron Jeremy Jr. is and was a female mistakenly born in the wrong body despite having the largest pecker in both locker rooms and more back hair than a small grizzly bear. They have no interpersonal skills. No street smarts. No intuition. Some of them, the “adults” and or the parents know better and just don’t care. But I’d say most of them, regardless of age, don’t know the difference because they take everything as gospel. Brainwashed. They wouldn’t dare to question the other side of the story if such story even exists.

  6. The media lies as always. Always. Everything they print is a complete lie. You need to see it with your own eyes to believe anything the drive by media puts out there. Just look how they had Trump buried in polls against everybody. Look at Antifa, BLM, all the riots, all reported as peaceful. Complete lies.

  7. Some may call this another nail in the coffin to the credibility of The Washington Post‘s, but they’d be wrong.

    They’re past putting nails in the coffin, they are up to 6 ft. of dirt in the grave.

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