Washington Post, Bloomberg Call Upon Pedophile Advocate To Discredit ‘Sound Of Freedom’

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Bloomberg invited an outside columnist to pen a review of Sound of Freedom, a film raising awareness of child trafficking.

Who is the columnist?

A man named Noah Berlatsky. Berlatsky is a former spokesperson for Prostasia, a pedophile advocacy group.

The pedophile advocate abhors Sound of Freedom. And he made it known in the article titled, “QAnon and ‘Sound of Freedom’ Both Rely on Tired Hollywood Tropes.”

Berlatsky assailed the success of the film, recording over $50 million in receipts at the box office.

“Many critics have linked Sound of Freedom to the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy cult. They’ve also been startled by its mainstream success. But the truth is that the conspiratorial right and the Hollywood default aren’t that different — which is why, perhaps, our polity has had such difficulty rejecting QAnon, Trump and fascism. The film is controversial because the man the movie is about, former Homeland Security operative Tim Ballard, and the actor who plays him, Jim Caviezel, both have links to QAnon,” writes Berlatsky.

VINEYARD, UTAH – JUNE 28: Mira Sorvino and Tim Ballard attend the premiere of “Sound of Freedom” on June 28, 2023 in Vineyard, Utah. (Photo by Fred Hayes/Getty Images for Angel Studios)

“Ballard has promoted the baseless claim that furniture retailer Wayfair was involved in child trafficking. Caviezel has spoken at multiple QAnon events. In an interview with former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, he promoted one of the cult’s most outrageous conspiracy theories, claiming that child traffickers drain their victim’s blood to create a serum to prevent aging.”

Consider that The Washington Post reprinted the op-ed, endorsing the pedophile advocate.

Just how much of a creep is Berlatsky?

According to a screenshot, he tweeted in 2017 that “Pedophiles are essentially a stigmatized group. Certain people get designated as deviants, people hate them.”

“The issue isn’t that people care about the victims. The issue is that pedophiles are loathed,” Berlatsky added.

In addition to his defense of pedophiles, Berlatsky argues parents have too much control in protecting their children.

“Parents are tyrants. ‘parent’ is an oppressive class, like rich people or white
people,” Berlatsky said.

“There are things you can do to try to minimize the abuse that’s endemic to the parent/child relationship, but it’s always there.”

All one has to know about Sound of Freedom is that it has pedophile sympathizers dripping with anger. And a film would be hard-pressed to find a stronger endorsement.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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  1. There has been a growing movement among progressives to “destigmatize” pedophilia. There have been TED talks where they claim pedophiles are victims, states like Colorado have tried to ban the word “pedophile” and “sex offender” from use in laws and government codes. Some Democrats have even tried to add pedophiles to the list of protective classes that you can not discriminate against. Its baffling, until you realize where the funding behind it comes from, people like Bill Gates who have given millions to these groups, including promoting sex work for minors. Democrats have sold their soul for money to push their warped ideology

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