Washington Post: Asking KBJ Questions Is Meaner Than Accusing Kavanaugh Of Rape

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The Washington Post wants everyone to stop being mean to Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson by asking her tough questions.

The Post has compared the respective hearing for KBJ and Brett Kavanaugh and has ultimately determined that Congress is smearing KBJ far worse than it did Kavanaugh, an evil white man.

Here’s a fancy logo to sum up the editorial:

“During the hearings, Republicans such as Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.) have congratulated themselves for declining to treat Judge Jackson the way Democrats handled the nomination of Brett M. Kavanaugh,” the Post writes.

The motives of the Washington Post run deep, even deeper than political bias. In 2018, the outlet’s editorial board painted Brett Kavanaugh as a serial gang rapist, referring to Christine Blasey Ford’s claim that Kavanaugh attacked her at a high school as “credible.”

However, Ford’s claims were not nearly as credible as the Post reported. Ford was unable to produce any corroborating evidence or witnesses, nor could she say exactly when or where the alleged attack occurred.

As reported by The Federalist, there remains no evidence that Ford ever even met Kavanaugh.

“When WaPo printed the story despite Blasey Ford’s lack of proof and ever-changing claims, she did not even receive a vote of confidence from her close childhood friend Leland Keyser. The Post hid the identity of the close friend, who was subsequently threatened by Blasey Ford allies for refusing to go along with the tale. That tampering with the witness was later reported to the FBI, and was a major reason Democrats were unable to kill Kavanaugh’s nomination,” The Federalist adds.

In reality, Senate Democrats aggressively questioned Kavanaugh about his high school years and drinking habits. Some Democrats believed Kavanaugh was not even entitled to a presumption of innocence since it was a job interview and not a court of law.

The Left demanded that Kavanaugh prove he was not a gang rapist. Yet, according to the Washington Post, asking KBJ to define a woman is a far more serious offense.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Fake news I have watched some of the hearings she has been treated quite fairly actually with kid gloves even though she can’t or won’t answer the simplest of questions she is woke radical that has no business even being nominated but that’s Bobbys boy Biden for ya trying to find the most radical anti American people on the planet disgraceful

  2. “Justice Kavanaugh: how many co-eds did you rape?”

    “KBJ: please define ‘woman’ for us.”

    See what they did? WaPo editors are either vile liars, have IQ’s lower than the current temperature in Buffalo, or are insane. You choose

  3. WaPo, NY Times, NPR, all jokes. Fruity, far left millennial “journalists” from “Journalism “ schools are anything but. They have political agendas to convey, not factual reporting. They hate conservatives and Republicans so they will lie and deceive to push their narrative.

  4. So Democrats attack a man’s moral character by making some of the most ridiculous allegations, that even if true a) wouldn’t constitute anything more than boorish adolescent behavior and b) would have occurred before adulthood. Republicans make a few silly grandstanding speeches that have nothing to do with the nominee directly and they are treating her worse!? Yeah, ok I guess we know for sure why literally no one believes or takes any “major” news organization seriously.

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