Washington Post Acknowledges They Misquoted Me, Buries Correction

On Thursday the Washington Post published a 2300 word article about me on the front page of their sports section. The article, which was titled, “Clay Travis is Trump’s Secret Weapon in the Fight Over College Football,” featured just 94 words in quotes from me.

All of those quotes were taken out of context and one of them wasn’t accurate at all.

In reality, I spoke with the Washington Post for over an hour. The transcript of our conversation filled 28 single-spaced pages. This morning I published the audio file of the entire Washington Post interview on our Outkick the Show podcast so anyone who wants to listen to the audio of their questions and my responses can do so.

Almost nothing of what I said to them was included for their profile.

You need to read my target=”_blank”>article on the dishonesty of the piece here.

I knew the piece wasn’t going to be an accurate reflection of what I said so I recorded the entire interview and on Friday posted the transcript of the Washington Post’s questions and what I actually said in response to those questions. It will be an eye opening read for many of you because it demonstrates how fundamentally artificial much of the journalism that claims to be “unbiased” and “objective” really is.

This was an agenda-driven hit piece designed to make me, Outkick, and Jason Whitlock all look bad. Truth, accuracy and honest reporting was never the goal of this piece.

Yesterday the Washington Post acknowledged the inaccuracy of its piece by adding the following comment at the end of the online version of the article they published about me.

“This story has been updated to reflect that Travis, in an interview with the Washington Post, said he had a lot of “listeners” in the White House, not a lot of “fans.”

It’s important to note what is going on here.

1. The Washington Post published a dishonest and factually incorrect article about me.

2. When I published the actual transcript of their questions and my responses to those questions the paper changed an inaccurate quote and made a notation at the bottom of an online article that almost no one would see.

3. No one at the paper reached out to acknowledge they’d misquoted me or to apologize for their error.

4. These mistakes were made even though I told the paper I was recording our interview and would publish the transcript if their article took my quotes out of context or incorrectly quoted me.

5. The only reason any of you even know this error occurred — or about how dishonest and untrue the piece they wrote was — is because I own my own media company and can demonstrate all the dishonesty in their work by publishing a transcript and response on this site.

Put simply, the paper, which allegedly prides itself on journalistic accuracy, mischaracterized and misconstrued everything I said to them and even though they only used 94 words from me, they couldn’t even correctly quote what I said and publish it in their article.

What’s more, when they were caught publishing factually incorrect information, they made a quiet alteration and refused to even notify the person they wrote about, me, that they’d corrected the error.

If this happened in a relatively inconsequential article about me, how often does it happen in more consequential articles about people much more significant than me?

It’s a question every reader should be asking.

In the meantime, I encourage you to read my story about the paper’s failed and dishonest reporting and to listen to the entire audio podcast of our interview.

And, as always, thanks for supporting Outkick and I hope all of you have a great Labor Day.

Written by Clay Travis

Clay Travis is an author, radio show host, lawyer, TV analyst, and the founder of OutKick (formerly known as Outkick the Coverage).
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  1. Can’t believe that the Washington Post, New York Times and the like can remain in business. It’s one thing to have different opinions but to outright lie is totally ridiculous. It’s amazing that I’m this day and age of cameras/recording devices everywhere that they think they can get away with this crap. Glad that Clay published the truth – need much more of that.

  2. Was the media always this dishonest? It sure didn’t seem like it when I was a kid, but I suppose I wasn’t paying much attention to it back then…

    Now more than ever, it bothers me that media can publish just about anything they want that supports their point of view. Their atonement/retraction is never as loud or as broad, and quite frankly, is almost never found by the readers/viewers of the original piece. At least you knew it was coming, and could arm yourself.

    What a farce.

  3. You know how deflating this is? 1/2 the country buys into every day what the W Post, NY Times, the TV media put out for consumption. Fake news – ever hear that uttered. Media – enemy of the people – that would be something to say. Why can’t these companies be sued out of existence. It’s criminal what they do. You can literally change the direction of this country with outright lies. I’ll be spending Labor Day with my in-laws and will hear what a reprobate Trump is. HE IS ALL WE HAVE TO COMBAT THIS! And he doesn’t even need to do it. Please with the egomaniac needs the gig. Like F he’s does.

    • I hear ya, PenGlenn…I have an in-law like that…outside of the family stuff, though, the bright side is the Left is running out of ammo. They tried Russia 2.0, and the lockdown, and “the rioters are white supremacists,” lately it’s that The Prez called our vets and fallen soldiers things I won’t repeat.
      Brazenly (even for Dims) they actually contacted the Joint Chiefs and said they needed the military to remove The Prez when he loses…to which Gen. Milley said fukk off – in an open letter that was sent to the press (which is a very big deal b/c the military always talks behind the scenes only). They would have RUN with that story every day til Nov. 3rd if the military had waffled.

  4. I listened to the Interview. The guy sounded like he was working for his high-school newspaper and needs some serious practice at interviewing people. Clay probably wanted to choke him as he asked his aimless, meandering questions. The article he wrote is nothing like the tone of the interview. He was very meek in the interview and then comes guns blazing in the article. So sad.

  5. I just became a VIP member b/c of this article. I’d never been to your site before…desperately seeking a non-ESPN place to read a little sports coverage w/ some non woke takes on the world. It’s yet another sad day indeed when the MSM passes drivel like the WaPo article as journalism. Keep up the good fight…They’ve only just begun to try to tar and silience you and your team.
    Live your best life!

  6. call me a ‘voiceist’ the child interviewing you sounded like a 26 year old who couldn’t stop saying ‘like’ and seemed to be confused often by what was happening…its seemed like the answers given also were confusing to him at times…he seemed clearly partisan, and not an especially prepared one…again this points to the fact that they still published the garbage they did and begs the question of who has fallen for this and not covered their asses the same way

  7. When I was twelve years old and in a small Catholic School in Oklahoma City, I remember the Dominican Nuns telling me you cannot believe everything you read in the papers. Well here you are. Newspapers are no longer the first source of information for the masses as they were in 1966. This is going on all over the internet and there is no one pointing it out to our young people. Wake up!

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