Washington Nationals Welcoming Back 100% Capacity, End of Mask Mandate

The Washington Nationals announced on Wednesday that they will be allowing full capacity in-person attendance for their game against the San Francisco Giants on June 10. 

Reported by ABC7News DC, the team released a letter on Wednesday stating the following: 

“In accordance with Mayor Muriel Bowser’s plans to fully reopen the District of Columbia, Nationals Park will return to 100% seating capacity beginning with our June 10 game,” the email says. The team faces the San Francisco Giants that day.

On May 21, when the Nationals host the Orioles, Nationals Park will also remove the mask mandate for vaccinated Americans. 

By the second week of June, the Nationals will be playing baseball games in a stadium packed with fans. So those in attendance will have a greater possibility of having beer spilled on them than they will of contracting COVID. 

Notorious for hosting Anthony Fauci for a pre-game pitch that was about as straightforward as his COVID guidance, Nationals Park in Washington, DC., will now join the movement toward reopening America, a movement that Fauci still isn’t particularly fond of.

Since the announcement made by the CDC last Thursday allowing vaccinated Americans to disregard mask mandates, almost every company, organization, sports team, etc. with concern for its product and customer has abandoned useless COVID circumspection now that herd immunity is in full reach. 

Companies like Target, CVS, and Starbucks have also made the move to drop their mask mandates over the weekend — all signaling (or reiterating) that COVID no longer deserves to have a hand in the decisions we make, the people we see, the sporting events we can attend, and overall, the condition of life we choose. 

Living a post-COVID lifestyle represents the power of modern medicine. It will also help encourage other Americans still hesitant about post-COVID America. 

Returning to normalcy must continue to be the message, and the Nationals communicated it clearly today.

Expect Clay Travis and OutKick to keep serving the good news.

Written by Alejandro Avila

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