Washington Football Team Roasts Cowboys Fans, Alex Trebek Left A Thanksgiving Message & Florida Iguana Wants To Party

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Happy Black Friday

Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving Day? What a day for the Washington Football Team franchise. The Football Team now holds first place all by itself after that huge 41-16 roadie to Dallas that clearly has Wild Card teams thinking twice about going into D.C. in January. Can you imagine being Tom Brady and looking at game against Chase Young in cold weather and in front of an empty stadium? Laugh all you want, but this could be a Football Team team that could win a playoff game. Alex Smith is your Comeback Player of the Year. 2020 3rd rounder Antonio Gibson is 8th in the league in rushing yards. And after Thursday, Terry McLaurin leads the NFL in receiving yards.

• I miss the old Black Fridays when we saw a barrage of videos of people fighting over toasters & DVD players. I miss driving to the Best Buy near my house (before it closed) to see the weirdos in tents waiting for TVs weighing 500 pounds that they now refuse to carry out of their basements. I started thinking this week about those people who waited in those lines and camped out so long ago. Do they still have those cherished Black Friday items? I wouldn’t wait in line 14 hours for In-N-Out, and I’m sure as hell not sleeping in a tent for a TV.

• Should we be surprised a funeral home employee was caught taking a selfie with dead Diego Maradona? I’m not. I can go on Facebook and see people I haven’t talked to in 25 years taking photos with their dying grandparents. It’s not how I’d prefer to remember my loved ones, but content is content to people that desperately need content in their lives.

• President Donald Trump played golf on Thanksgiving Day and whether you love or hate the guy, one thing is clear: he’s one of us on the golf course. He was recorded hitting an iron into the water and saying, “I hate this f**king hole!!!” Same, sir. This is the America I love.

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