Analysis: Was Rapper Kodak Black Having Sex In A Florida Panthers Suite?

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Internet experts were positive that rapper Kodak Black was having sex in a suite at Tuesday night’s Panthers game. After further analysis of video footage available from Black’s suite, it turns out the rapper wasn’t balls deep with an Instagram model. They were just dancing!

Fly Lifestyle,” the 24-year-old Black wrote on Instagram about his night out watching some puck action.

Black — who looked like he had a bad back — was bending over an IG model named Essence in some weird dance move where she fired off a twerk while Black acted like he just got out of a stiff recliner after watching 10 hours of the NFL playoffs.

Let’s go to the tape!

Was Kodak Black having sex at the Panthers game?

Kodak Black rapper sex Panthers hockey game
Was rapper Kodak Black having sex in a suite at the Panthers game? NOOOOOO! / via Twitter

No, Kodak Black was just dancing with some Instagram model named Essence!

On her Instagram Story, Essence, who has a dollar sign tattooed on her ass, reports that this was her second date with Kodak. The first date was to a recording studio.

It’s easy to jump to conclusions and assume these two were pounding one out on their second date in a Panthers suite, but these two might be way more traditional than you think: Kodak takes his woman on a romantic date to a hockey game, treats her right and they have a dance like the couple on the Amazon Echo commercial.

It wasn’t sex!


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