Warren Sapp Cousteau Swimming With A Sailfish, Holly Sonders Cranks Up The Heat & Trevor To The Jags?

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I take back what I said about the Rams

Pretty sure I’m on the record from, like, a week or two ago saying the Rams are a Super Bowl contender and should be taken seriously because of the defense and their ability to run the ball. I can’t possibly stand by that after the Rams lost to the Jets on Sunday. I don’t have data to support me here, but I have to believe a team has never made the Super Bowl after allowing a team to win its first game this late in the season. NFL Research needs to get on that one for me.

A week ago, Sean McVay said he didn’t have time for his fiancée because he was too busy watching 12 hours of NFL. Seven days later, McVay said, “This loss will demoralize us only as much as we allow it to. It’s gonna be embarrassing, sick to your stomach about it… But very humbling.”

Lesson: spend time with your fiancée before she orders The Curse Gods to drop a loss to the Jets on your team.

• Bowl season starts this afternoon at 2:30 on ESPN, in case you have the week off and were craving App State vs. North Texas before Steelers-Bengals.

• Never forget the power of cuffing season on both sexes. “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli has found love, in prison, with Bloomberg News reporter Christie Smythe. The reporter says she fell down a Shkreli rabbit hole and came out in a relationship with the weirdo.

•It felt like the Browns-Giants game flew by and had great pace. After a four-day sports bender, it was needed. I’ll take the foot off the pedal tonight since it’ll be the Steelers beating up on the Bengals backup quarterback.

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  1. I see Trevor more likely to play in Jacksonville than the Jets. He’s near family, surrounded by his major fanbase, and in a Red State (with no State Income Tax).

  2. I guess Holly Sonders has gone full-on ho. She had a good career with the Golf Channel and then Fox Sports, and now she has to resort to OnlyFans. My guess is that lesbian porn will be next. But I guess her 15 minutes are ticking.

    I agree with the above commenter that the pre-surgery Holly was incredibly hot and better-looking.

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