Warner Bros. Discovery To Cancel CNN+

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Warner Bros. Discovery is shutting down CNN+, two people familiar with the matter tell Variety. Discovery will address CNN staffers later today.

We discussed earlier this week why CNN+ was doomed:

Three weeks in, fewer than 10,000 people are using CNN+ on a daily basis.

Internally, that number is disappointing. On the outside, no one is surprised. The idea of CNN+ never made any sense. Hardly anyone watches CNN, which comes free with a basic cable package. So why would they pay for more CNN?

In many ways, CNN+ is worse than CNN because it doesn’t feature prestigious reporters like Clarissa Ward, but it promotes unpopular talking heads like Brian Stelter, Jemele Hill and Rex Chapman.

Bottom line: no one wanted to see more Jemele Hill, Rex Chapman, Brian Stelter and Don Lemon.

Most importantly, these CNN+ “talents” undermine the plans of incoming president Chris Licht to re-establish CNN’s reputation as a credible news agency. Insiders expect Licht to double down on reporting and pivot away from woke opinionists like Lemon.

CNN+, the biggest streaming failure of all time.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. It’s almost unfathomable that this was ever launched to begin with. The lack of self-awareness and the complete disconnect these people have with the real world is just astonishing. Imaging lighting $300 MILLION on fire like this and never having the sense to stop it.

    • Lack of self-awareness is spot on. These clowns think they are on the “right” side of history and everyone wants to hear them drone on and on about fake racism, etc etc and they are clearly wrong.

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