War Breaks Out — Again — Between Clay Travis & Darren Rovell Over $100k Georgia Senate Bet

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A recurring Internet feud flared up yet again when uber nerd Darren Rovell — a two-time OutKick Woke Challenge contestant — took a shot at OutKick founder Clay Travis over the Georgia Senate race.

As you know, the Rovell-Travis feud is deep, heated, and ready to boil over at any moment. And because he has nothing else going on besides scanning eBay for ticket stubs & MLK memorabilia to buy, Rovell was waiting in the weeds Tuesday night as Herschel Walker’s Senate campaign came to an end with a loss.

Yes, it’s true Clay tried to get Darrell to take the $100k bet, but it’s also true that Darnell wouldn’t put up his money. Now he’s out a fresh $100k to buy Walt Disney voided check autographs.

Let’s get to this battle and see who is truly the winner here.

OutKick founder Clay Travis; Two-time OutKick Woke Challenge contender Darren Rovell

First up, Darnell comes in with the opening salvo. He’d been waiting all day to make this tweet. Look at how Darrell takes time out of his busy night in the sack to go on the attack.

Get him, Darnell!

And Clay fires back with a deep burn that infuriates Rovell. Never forget how he was destroyed within the woke community for not handing over his MLK memorabilia to a museum.

Notice how Rovell then refuses to address his MLK collecting habits and launches his own counterattack. He’s like Ivan Drago taking huge head shots to Balboa in Rocky IV and doing everything he can to stay on his feet.

By the way, imagine the value of a ticket stub to the Drago-Balboa match…I’m just sayin’, Darnell might want to get one of those for his collection.

Clay eventually moved on with his night because he had to get up early to shoot with the Fox morning crew — here’s what Clay’s attic looks like when his screen isn’t working — and on to his radio show, his internet empire and then probably off to yell at refs later tonight — buy a shirt.

Meanwhile, Rovell took even more time out of his busy night to argue with Twitter randoms over the definition of “being ratioed.”

What a battle of the titans. These wars never disappoint.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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  1. It used to be when dweebs got feisty, we’d flick them in the forehead and they’d run back to their rooms to conclude their D&D mission. The country started to die when this stopped.

    Dweebs put down their 12 sided die and emerged from their rooms. They would be in gen pop and say something stupid and immediately flinch, expecting to be flicked. When no flick occurred they felt empowered to continue their dweeb ways. Normies said “what’s the worst that could happen?”

    I give you Darren Rovell.

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