Wanted Man Chooses Jail Over Hiding Out With His Lockdown Companions

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Imagine being on parole and living under lockdown in England where people are holed up with family members and not allowed to do much. The only places you’re permitted to visit are the grocery store, a pharmacy and a few other random places. People are required to work from home unless they work in the construction industry, medical fields, food distribution, police and public transportation.

In other words, for an ex-con it’s not the best of times and for one guy, he decided going back to jail beat having to sit around in a house with others he can’t stand. Real jail over the COVID prison. That’s where we’re at heading towards the one-year mark of COVID hysteria.

“Peace and quiet! Wanted male handed himself in to the team yesterday afternoon after informing us he would rather go back to prison then have to spend more time with the people he was living with! One in custody and heading back to prison to serve some further time on his own,” Mid Sussex Inspector Darren Taylor tweeted Thursday.

Keywords: “serve further time on his own.”

Now I’m not an expert on the English prison system, but it must not be too bad if someone would choose it over dealing with lockdown partners. It sounds like prisoners must get their own socially distanced jail cell just to clear their heads and read a newspaper.

You’re damn right it’s time for a Creed GIF:

I was cruising U.K. sites that were writing about this case and came across an interesting comment on a post in the (Brighton) Argus. It sounds like the returning to prison thing is more common than is being reported.

“According to social news media seven people have handed themselves in to police this month in Crawley alone as they have spoken to their solicitors and know there is no room in prisons so they will be let go and be free,” the local wrote on the Argus site.

“Prisons had up to 4 in a cell with 2 in a cell being the norm, now with the pandemic it can only be one in a cell so they have kicked the rest out. Some prisons have closed entire wings. The BBC said yesterday crown courts are running at least nine months behind and courts are at a tipping point as even when a trial commences Jury members often fall ill and the case is abandoned.”

What a messed-up scenario. Nope, we don’t want you. PLEASE! I’M BEGGING YOU GUYS TO TAKE ME BACK. Sorry bloke, you’re not wanted here. At this point, it might take these guys committing murder to bump a lower-tiered criminal.

Prisoners in some UK jails have phones in their cells. You throw in WI-FI and you’ll have guys creating crimes the world didn’t think about to get in there until the ‘VID is over with.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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