New Walt Disney Statue Looks Conspicuously Like He’s Taking A Dump

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Disney held its D23 Expo over the weekend, which is like a Disney-specific Comic-Con. It announced all kinds of stuff about their movies and theme parks, including a new statue of the company’s founder Walt Disney.

Because the internet is going to do what the internet is going to do, people were quick to point out that Walt looks preoccupied.

Or rather, he may be occupying a bathroom stall.

It 1000% looks like Walt is ripping a deuce.

The statue is called “Walt The Dreamer” and it’s going to be installed in a new area in EPCOT called Dreamers Point.

There’s no doubt that they captured Walt’s likeness and it looks like he’s dreaming too. Only instead of dreaming up theme parks or films, he’s dreaming of an end to his abdominal discomfort.

It seems like the artist did a wonderful job of capturing what it would look like if Walt Disney downed some food from the Mexico Pavilion and then straight-legged it over to the United Kingdom Pavilion to wash it down with a pint of Guinness. 

(I can confirm from experience that this is an ill-advised move).

If you get close enough, you can almost hear Walt grunting to his family to go on Test Track without him. He’s gonna need more time to finish up.

Add Walt to the list of statues that missed the mark, alongside this alleged statue of Baker Mayfield.

Maybe that’s a statue of a different baker Mayfield.

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