L.A. TV Reporter Had To Ask Dodgers Pitcher Walker Buehler About His Tight Pants

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NBC LA reporter Michael J. Duarte thought he had the perfect question for Dodgers ace Walker Buehler after the Braves took Game 1 of the NLCS 5-1. “Walker Buehler’s pants were trending on Twitter tonight, um…”

Walker Buehler, who gave up just one earned run in five innings, wasn’t having it. Not the time or place, Michael.

To be fair, Duarte’s a Los Angeles TV reporter, and there’s a boss in his head who needs a quote on the pants. That boss doesn’t care if Big J Twitter is offended or if the question breaks journalistic decorum. Duarte knows there’s a social media manager who is going to rage if they miss out on a ‘Like’ bonanza over those leggings.

Duarte, being the bulldog he is, dives right in. “I actually tried to ask Walker after the game, and he was having none of it,” Duarte said on Twitter after the incident, taking full credit for the question and expressing no shame.

Duarte’s not some Entertainment Tonight dweeb popping up in press conferences to ask legging questions. His Twitter timeline shows a guy that lives and breathes L.A. sports. I’d actually like to hear him finish the question and for Buehler to answer it.

It’s one thing to ask Buehler about his tight pants. It’s another to ask the opposing pitcher about his opponent’s tight pants. This is clearly worse and puts Max Fried in a ridiculous situation. Atlanta TV reporter Alex Glaze steps up to the plate and asks anyway.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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