VP Debate Update: Smirks, Unanswered Questions

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This is a change of tone.

The vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris is well underway with several topics in the books.

Here is where it’s at:

Thus far, the most buzz has come from Senator Harris saying that if President Trump tells us to get the vaccine, she will not:

She took more shots at Trump:

Unlike last week, the interruptions have been kept to a minimum, though Senator Harris has twice gone over her time limit. According to her, it is “important” to do so.

Pence dropped a “plagiarism” shot:

Now, to the folks running their Twitter pages:

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    • Nearly every question to Pence was framed in the “do you still beat your wife” category. It’s unconscionable. The questions are a reflection of the questioner. Climate change? Really, that’s at the top of everyone’s list of issues? What about school choice? What about the assault on religious liberties? And, not one question about the Russia hoax and the framing of Trump? Not a question about it?!

      • The next debate will be just as biased or worse. Steve Scully interned for Biden years ago and is a big partisan. Trump just announced he will not participate in a proposed virtual debate. Good decision.

  1. Dems are the party of America’s LCD. She, whose first name translates to ‘horrible’ in Finnish (look it up if you don’t believe me) did nothing but repeat LCD lies, myths and talking points that have long been disproven/dunked on. The very fine people hoax – notice how they never tell you to actually listen to his quote, but simply pretend to repeat what he said? Biden has gone back and forth on fracking so much no reasonable person should trust the answer the cabal’s campaign gives. And why wouldn’t they ban it? The far-left will easily dominate the Harris administration and they want to ban it. Period. The $750 in taxes is a manipulation of what his tax returns show – but most people don’t actually understand how the tax code works so they don’t bother fact-checking for themselves. I only know it’s a lie thanks to a Tim Pool video on the matter.

    Seriously, you have to be indoctrinated, stupid, low-information or paid to actually cast a vote for Biden…especially given any reasonable person knows he won’t be making any decisions himself.

  2. Pence should have asked Heels High Harris about her position on the Dim candidate for Senate in NC… who has now admitted to ongoing affairs with 2 women, neither of whom is his wife. Harris is laughable as a #MeToo supporter and Kavanaugh detractor.

  3. Biden has already said multiple times he is raising taxes among other things and of course we all want to pay more in taxes right this broad wouldn’t know the truth if it hit her over the head.

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