Vols Quickly Adjust To Hurry-Up Offense

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Josh Heupel seems to have brought his high-tempo, hurry-up offense to the Tennessee Volunteers program, and the team seems to love every second of it.

“I can’t compare it to anybody else[‘s offense],” senior safety Trevon Flowers said Wednesday. “It’s just something our team does by itself. We’re different, I guess. After every snap and every play, you’re back on the ball.”

Flowers said the team always had periods where they “faced the hurry-up stuff,” but said “this offense is trying to do it every snap.”

“It’s more consistent than just working on it during a drill or a period,” Flowers said. “It’s all throughout the whole practice.”

It seems like Heupel is laying the foundation for the high-tempo offense that ranked nationally when he left it behind in Orlando.

Vols redshirt junior receiver Cedric Tillman said that Heupel, receivers coach Kodi Burns and the rest of the offensive leadership is working to instill fundamentals like giving the ball to an official once a play is over so that they can snap it again as quickly as possible.

Tillman said he recently learned it has to be a certain official, though, Yahoo Sports reports.

“I caught a 40-yard ball the other day, and I’m excited,” he said. “As I was getting up, Coach Burns told me, ‘Hey you threw the ball to the wrong guy. You’re supposed to give it to this guy.’ I was like, ‘Oh, man.'”

Tillman said Heupel and the offensive leadership are working with the team to ensure the specifics don’t get lost, and he said that’s what his new head coach keeps preaching.

Tennessee will take advantage of back-to-back practice days on Thursday and Friday to finish off its second week of the spring.

“Our offense goes pretty fast, so we have to get lined up quick to be ready to play,” Flowers said. “It’s just a mindset. Once a play is over, you’ve got to come right back and be ready to play again. It helps you get better, and if we do it every day in practice, come game time, we’ll be ready.”

Vols junior safety Jaylen McCullough said people will have to wait until Saturdays, describing a scene oddly familiar to a UCF-style offense.

“This is completely different. You run a play and get back to the ball, and as a defensive guy,” he said. “We have to know the down and distance and have the proper communication and proper alignment.”

The Vols annual spring Orange and White game is on April 24, and the team opens the season on Sept. 4 at home against Bowling Green.

Written by Megan Turner

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