Vols Backup Quarterback Brian Maurer Has Words For UT Fans, Deletes Tweet

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Vols backup quarterback Brian Maurer, who has attempted six passes this season, finds himself in a battle against a segment of Vols fans who aren’t in the mood to be lectured by a sophomore quarterback sitting behind starter Jarrett Guarantano.

In a now-deleted tweet, Maurer opened up his heart on Vols fans as the 2-6 season starts to wear on everyone involved. This is what six-game losing streaks can do to a backup quarterback in 2020.

“Let’s get this clear this isn’t YOUR team, you are a fan of us. Until you put in the blood, swear (SIC) and tears we do, this will not be YOUR team. As a team we spend countless hours a week, YEARS away from our family and all that for someone like you to criticize us. No disrespect(.)”

There’s some debate inside the GBO community about what caused Maurer to go off and whether Maurer may have some personal life business that has finally gotten to him. What’s clear is that him venting on Vols fans isn’t going to be well received at all, especially when fans are suffering through their third losing season in four years.

The finish line for Maurer and his teammates is in sight. This week it’s Vandy, and then the season comes to a close December 19 at home against Texas A&M.

Brian Maurer message to Vols fans

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. There are a lot…maybe even majority…of college / professional athletes who’d agree with him. They won’t admit it though. They have zero respect for the fans. And I’d guess much of that mentality is that they detached themselves from the fan base because of the vitriol they read from Internet trolls. Vols players should be as far away as possible from Twitter considering how poorly they’ve played.

      • In general the internet has been bad for human relations. When I was young unless you had a byline in a newspaper or magazine if you wanted to criticize someone you had to go find him and do it to his face. That face to face interaction tended to temper people’s attitudes. Nowadays anybody with a cell phone or an internet connection can mouth off continuously without any repercussions. Unfortunately, there is a lot of money in letting goofballs mouth off, so things won’t be changing anytime soon.

      • As someone who got sucked into that den of iniquity for 6 months few years back I must agree. I felt horrible about mankind, myself and life after reading tweets from lunatics every day. It’s destructive and dehumanizes people. These boards are all I can stomach. Plus, you may be arguing with a bot program on Twitter for all you know.
        I call Twitter the “3rd World of Social Media”.

  2. Those supporters pay your freight, even more so in the professional leagues. This is classic safe space whiny baby talk from a spoiled athlete. Guess what Timmy, when you get a real job and have real customers and clients, they are occasionally going to be unhappy with your services as well. Nice one that you already have the “you don’t sweat and spend years away from your family” speech ready for them. I’m sure they’ll be very interested to hear it

  3. The kid told the truth. Could you imagine getting called names everyday on Twitter after you get home from work. People take this shit too serious. Its just a game. The sun will come up tomorrow. Oh top prospects do read Twitter and read how angry a fan base can be. Tennessee is known as a hillbilly school with a racist fan base who drives around with a shotgun, a shot glass, and a confederation flag on their pick em truck

  4. He may have an argument, but Twitter is probably not the place to share it to a world of rabid and unstable fans who’ve been locked inside for months during covid. After all, “fan”is short for “Fanatic”, so maybe don’t tweet yell at the crazy people who think they’re your best friends? Yikes.

    I have to keep in mind these are 18-21 year old “kids” who really don’t know much about life yet. They aren’t grown men, as much as kids in grown men bodies. I expect them to say and do stupid stuff. Just ground him from Xbox for a week.

  5. He’s a college athlete at a top (well, you know what I mean) football school. Hes been told since age 10 how great he is and has since his teen years had the primrose path to the coddling and insulated life of a prized athlete. He lives and thrives i the safest of spaces on campus and is celebrated as he maneuvers through college life. He’s insulated in the “student athlete” culture and of course detests anyone who would dare offer criticism.

    • So true, and occasionally sad when they make it out into real life with that “don’t you dare question my awesomeness” attitude. It leads to a lot of pain and suffering for them and the people they live/work with.

  6. Vols fans should argue that he has no idea what it’s like to be a vols fan and be given the same crappy product year after year and never see your team beat Georgia Alabama and Florida. And actually lose to Vandy once in a while. Imagine being a Vol. Brutal.

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