‘Voldemort In A Hat’: ESPN Personalities Trash Each Other’s Wardrobes

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Two ESPN reporters went at each other over their respective wardrobe choices, and there’s a good chance this one ended with some hurt feelings.

Our two reporters chucking fashion barbs at one another were analyst and sideline reporter Cole Cubelic and reporter Katie George.

It all began with a relatively benign observation from Cubelic who thought that George’s pants looked like they belonged on Brett “Hitman” Hart circa 1994.

I mean, those are pretty close, and anytime pink, black, and white show up together, a large portion of the population will go right to Hart.

It was all in good fun until George responded. I mean, it was still in good fun after she responded, but there’s no way Cubelic expected the route she’d take in doing so. George showed that if you’re going to come for her wardrobe, you’d better be prepared for her to return fire.

In this instance, Cubelic’s opening salvo was on par with a Super Soaker. George shot back with a bazooka.

Egad, man.

George didn’t hold back with her “Voldemort in a hat” line (though the Harry Potter reference could be construed as an endorsement of anti-trans views according to some blithering morons).

Talk about a shot across the bow. There’s no way that Cubelic saw his quasi-joke about George’s pants blowing up in his face like that. His face, that as George pointed out, does bear some resemblance to that of one of modern cinema’s most notable villains.

Just with a hat.

Obviously, these two were just goofing on each other. Still, it showed that if needed, Katie George is willing to get ruthless.

Especially if anyone goes after her wardrobe selections.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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