Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Neglects Entire Picture While Claiming Yankees Were Easiest Team To Play Against In 2022

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Vlad Guerrero Jr. is one of the best hitters in baseball at only 23 years old. However, his individual success did not lead the Blue Jays as far as he might have hoped.

Although Toronto is set to be a force in the American League for years to come, it did not get past the Wild Card round in 2022. It will hope to improve upon that finish in 2023 and beyond.

In the meantime, with training camp set to open in about a month, the team is on its Winter Tour. Players and coaches travel across the country to interact with its fanbase at various events.

A forum was held at a local school on Friday and students were given the chance to ask questions to a select group of players. Guerrero Jr. was among them.

When one young student asked which team was the easiest to play in 2022, the majority of the team sat silent, hesitant to answer.

Vlad Guerrero Jr. was not.

He proudly said, “the Yankees.”

Guerrero Jr., who made it abundantly clear that he would never sign with the Bronx Bombers, has had a lot of success against New York. He has hit .289/.346/.518 against the Yankees over the course of his career and .289/.344/.579 in 31 games at Yankee Stadium, specifically.

For him to say that New York was the easiest team to play against last season may have been true for him. However, Guerrero Jr. neglected to look at the whole picture.

The Blue Jays went 8-11 against the Yankees in 2022 — a losing record. And to make matters worse, New York clinched the AL East title with a win… in Toronto.

So while Guerrero Jr.’s jab may have been funny in the moment, and may have been true for him, it was not true for the rest of his team.

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