Bikini-Clad Woman Goes Viral For Impressive Arm Strength

A woman is going viral on Instagram for all the right reasons.

A video circulating the web from Long Island Wise Guy, a woman rocking a bikini on the beach showed off some impressive throwing strength as she slung the ball to a friend.

To make the video even better, a group of guys were attempting to play football a few yards away, and were failing miserably.

This video is truly a tale of two very different outcomes. On one hand, we have a woman captivating the entire beach by putting the ball on a rope while in traditional beach attire.

While you might see a lot of bikinis on the beach, you don't often see women slinging it like they're preparing for the combine.

On the other hand, we have a group of guys who appear to be the store brand version of the football scene from "Top Gun: Maverick."

Look at the noodle that dude had for an arm on the one throw attempt we got to see! Gentlemen, you should be legally banned from ever throwing a football again if you make a pass that bad.

Football is a sport we all love and cherish. Loving something means protecting it, and we can't let dudes who can't throw in on the action.

As for the young woman, she can be QB1 on the beach any day of the week.

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