Viral Beer Chugging U.S. Open Fan Has Been Identified

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The internet is at its best when viral moments create stars. The viral beer chugging U.S. Open fan who first appeared in 2021 was back at this year’s tournament and we now know who she is.

Her chugging skills might only be matched by her Instagram skills. Her name is Megan Lucky and she’s a star in the making. She was back at the U.S. Open on Friday night chugging beer.

Megan’s moment was overshadowed, understandably so according to some, by Serena Williams’ last U.S. Open match. She joked about it and asked the tournament to release the tapes.

From beer chugging to social media star

On Sunday morning, the U.S. Open finally released the tapes. Well part of the tapes anyway. It turns out there was a little more to the story than they were willing to share.

The U.S. Opens Twitter account posted a video that showed part of Megan’s latest beer chugging moment as well as one of her first efforts from back in 2021.

Another video posted by Eurosport France’s Twitter account showed the entire tape. Their version revealed that Megan actually chugged two beers back-to-back this year.

The comment section under another account that reposted Eurosport France’s video seems to be what finally identified the blonde beer chugging tennis fan.

Some times the power of social media is used for good. This is one of those times.

It’s a little head scratching as to why the internet detectives didn’t figure out who she was the first time around, but better late than never.

Megan currently has just over 25,000 Instagram followers. As the internet continues to find out who she is that number is certainly going to climb.

She gets beer chugging and she gets the content game.

Written by Sean Joseph

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