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I’ve lost track, is this the last week of the college football regular season?

As we come towards the end of the college football season, I can’t help but think back to late June when CBS’ Dennis Dodd wrote a story featuring a University of Illinois computer science professor who predicted that anywhere from three to seven college football players would die of COVID during the 2020 season. It was the type of fear porn that the blue checkmarks gagged on during their crusade to see football ripped from players, some of whom would have given their lives to the sport. By August, the professor had changed his prediction to .18 to .37 deaths would occur from playing a 2020 season.

Here we are on the first weekend in December, and I can’t name one COVID player death resulting from football at any level. We’re going to get conference championships. We’re going to get bowl games, though not all of them. We’re going to get a CFB playoff. Remember when there was talk that the Army-Navy game would be the only college game played in 2020?

Guys, we’re going to have regular season games on December 19. There won’t be an off-week this entire month. Enjoy it. That Illinois professor tried to fear porn you into a cold, dark December. Nonsense.

• Imagine going through an old family photo album and coming across Babe Ruth and Waite Hoyt baseball cards. It happened to one person in Michigan, and now the cards are at auction. The Ruth card is expected to fetch $8,000.

• Expect to hear news about the Vandy kicking situation today. The interim coach Todd Fitch is doing whatever it takes to get the 2019 kicker, Ryley Guay, cleared by the NCAA to join the team for its trip to Georgia. How many players will get on the plane to Athens? The coach is expected to answer that question today.

• Least shocking news of the week: Kroger profits were up 90% during the first two quarters of 2020. Hard to believe that happens when the country closes down restaurants.

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