Ever Seen Someone Ride A 100-foot Wave? Now You Have

Pro surfer Makua Rothman dropped in on a wave in Hawaii Saturday that's now estimated to have been 100 feet. We don't want to call this guy a doofus for giving us epic footage, but sometimes you have to wonder-- why do people do this to themselves?

We're glad Mr. Rothman made it out to the other side safely, but it's also strange that none of us ever see waves like this on our Hawaiian vacations. I'm also not a huge fan of the video cutting out after just 19 seconds when this guy clearly wasn't done with the task at hand.

Rumor has it that a certain someone may have ditched the thong at Staples Center and cannonballed 30 miles north of the wave site, shortly before this wave was spotted. Glad everyone made it out alive.

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