Watch The Incredible Finish of World Series Game 4

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You probably missed it last night. But believe us, you want to watch the end of Saturday night’s World Series Game 4 between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays. You want to watch it over and over and over, just like we did.

Bottom of the ninth. Tampa’s Brett Phillips at the plate facing Dodgers reliever Kenley Jansen . . . Holy cow, we still can’t believe it. Enough already. Here it is.

The Dodgers were thisclose to taking a 3-1 Series lead. But after this particular little bit of baseball insanity, Rays win 8-7 and the Series is tied at two games apiece, with Game 5 tonight at 8:08 p.m. ET.

Here’s a look from a different angle:

And if this wasn’t crazy enough, consider this back story:

They’re going to be talking about this one for a long, long time.

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  1. That was nuts. The last 4 innings had some great back and forth. In a small bar in Northern Indiana, there were several people cheering for the Rays. Whatever their motivation, it was awesome seeing passion for baseball on an October night during the World Series. It didn’t hurt that I had the over and the Rays money line on a parlay. Lol

  2. The video you linked doesn’t show what the hell happened, so anybody who hasn’t seen it won’t be able to appreciate the DOUBLE ERROR on the play. And not a single tear will be shed for the Dodgers. You don’t hate to see this sort of thing, folks!

    • Yeah, I have a really hard time rooting for a team with ALL the talent, pitching, power, etc. It’s nothing against LA, it’s just like rooting FOR a bully to beat up a little kid. The Dodgers are in trouble. Blowing a game like that is a HUGE gut punch to a team’s confidence.

  3. My 12 yr old daughter and I watched this together and we absolutely freaked out when this happened. I also grew up in Indiana, so a few hours earlier we freaked out when Indiana upset Penn State. What an awesome day of sports. Everything felt totally normal again. That was the real slice of.heaven.

  4. Douglas, I know exactly what you mean. I grew up in the shadow of the golden dome, so it’s more Notre Dame country up here. But I went to IU, and Notre Dame hasn’t beaten a top 10 team in forever, so that IU win was fun. Especially the way it happened.
    Baseball gets a bad rap for being slow and boring, so I’m encouraged to hear that you were able to watch this with your daughter. Moments like that will stick with her and hopefully make her a fan forever.

    • Thanks Sean. I actually took that same 12 yr on a road trip a couple years ago to the Notre Dame vs Stanford game. It was both of ours first experience to finally see a live game in South Bend. Even though the Irish lost, experiences like that are priceless. She now loves to watch the Irish and remembers that beautiful fall day in front of Touchdown Jesus and inside the incredible home of Notre Dame Football. So glad she went on that long trip from Omaha. I offered the other ticket to my 16 yr old son at the time and he said he didn’t want to go. That one trip has been a bonding moment for my daughter and I then and many times later on….like yesterday.

      I grew up in Lafayette, near Purdue and pretty much cheer on any and every team from Indiana.

    • Hey Sean and Douglas,
      Life-long ND fan here…but was only on the campus once in 2007 when my sons and I visited. Never made it yet to a ND game, but still time (I hope lol).
      We were walking along one of the pathways and headed into a building to get some lunch and who’s walking out past me — Tom Zbikowski, All-American safety who ended up drafted by the Ravens — how cool. I turned around quickly after I realized who he was and my sons were wondering what I was doing, but acting like a fool I asked for his autograph for my kids and he was very polite and friendly.
      One of their good friends from high school went out to South Bend with his uncle and saw a game. He said he was walking back from concessions to go up into the stands when suddenly, a guy half turned and bumped into him…guy was very apologetic…it was Joe Montana!!!

  5. This is so incredible crazy ending I was bummed after the last game having been in Florida that last week. I thought oh boy here we go another one for California. Still hope the Florida can win!

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