Video: Very Troubling Data Revealed By Cali HS Coach On Not Playing Football

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We knew the restrictions placed on high school sports in California could have some unintended consequences. Some athletes need the structure and support from participating in team activities. Unfortunately, many didn’t get that chance in 2020.

And what were those consequences? According to Serra High School head football coach Patrick Walsh, there are a few of them. The data below was collected by the Golden State Coaches Community, and it’s based off of 105 football programs. It was tweeted by San Diego Football.

  • 1,087 players have been ruled ineligible
  • 253 players have dropped out
  • 64 student-athletes have been incarcerated, 85 joined gangs
  • 38 players are new fathers

It’s unclear how some of the above statistics were gathered, but that is certainly an alarming tweet.

High school sports such as football go way beyond the competition itself. That structure and support has such a positive impact on our youth, but decision-makers in places such as California seem to have forgotten that aspect of sports.

Being ruled ineligible, dropping out or being arrest has an obvious and lasting affect on the future of young student-athletes. Their mental health is being compromised, and for what? Where are all the issues with the states that chose to continue their athletic seasons? Do any of them regret the decision to play? Absolutely not.

If the above statistics are true — and I can’t speak on that definitively one way or the other — then how is this not an obvious failure to “protect” people? It’s sad, and unfortunately, we may never know the full impact of the shutdown decisions made over the last year.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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