Video: UFC Crowd Erupted In U-S-A Chant When Donald Trump Walked To His Seat

Former President Donald Trump attended Saturday’s UFC 264 in Las Vegas and when arrived, the crowd erupted in ‘U-S-A’ chants.

Ahead of the fight, UFC president Dana White said Trump is a huge fight fan.

“He’s a huge fight fan, not just UFC,” White said. “He’s a fight fan. He likes fighting like I like fighting.”

Days before the fight, White said that Trump will be seated behind him, on the floor.

“He don’t care. He’s not that guy hiding in a box somewhere,” White said. “That’s not his style. Secret service has been here for the last three days going through the arena getting ready for him to attend.”

Written by Megan Turner

Megan graduated from the University of Central Florida and writes and tweets about anything related to sports. She replies to comments she shouldn't reply to online and thinks the CFP Rankings are absolutely rigged. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. I watched multiple videos. All of them showed the crowd cheering for Trump. Yet there were still many news articles from yahoo, msn, and others that said Trump got booed. The media in this country is still a joke. Don’t ever expect to factual information from the media, but we all knew that already. One of the articles had a headline saying Trump booed at UFC event then proceeded to have a video halfway down the article that showed the crowd cheering. You can’t make this shit up. It’s embarrassing. They actually wrote an article claiming one thing then included a video showing the complete opposite. Unreal.

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