Video: Tom Brady Enjoyed Himself at Tampa Bay Boat Parade

When you win your seventh championship ring, more than any NFL franchise, and fifth Super Bowl MVP, you deserve to let loose a little bit. The season concluded on Sunday, and as you all know, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are Super Bowl Champions.

It took a couple days, but we finally got some footage of Tom Brady celebrating the big win over the odds-on favorite Kansas City Chiefs. And it was glorious.

The first clip we got this morning was Tom tossing the Lombardi Trophy to the Wide Receiver/Tight End party boat.

Shortly after the perfect pitch of the 7-lb trophy, Tom was seen, uh, regaining his land legs.

If you kept up with the Kansas City Chiefs this year, you are likely aware of the peace sign star wide receiver Tyreek Hill flashes when he burns defensive backs. Rookie cornerback Antoine Winfield Jr. gave Hill a taste of his own medicine late in the game on Sunday.

Apparently, Brady enjoyed the Winfield taunting penalty. Ten minutes after Brady was seen stumbling back on shore, he was filmed with Winfield Jr. throwing up the peace sign. Check it out here:

Before hugging Winfield, Brady let out a loud, “Give it to ’em, ‘Toine!”

Tom clearly ditched the diet for the day. If he didn’t opt for a late afternoon nap, I’m guessing he’s down for the count. Hopefully Gisele isn’t too upset with him.

Written by Jake Downard


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