Video Shows Russell Westbrook Arguing With Fan Who Called Him A ‘Goof’

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Lakers guard Russell Westbrook can rebuild the Burj Khalifa with the number of bricks he’s racked up this season.

But worse than Westbrook’s play for the 29-40 Lakers are the soft-as-Charmin trolls that have been calling him out all year.

During his trip to Toronto for a Raptors home matchup on Friday night, Westbrook ran into an eager troll that filmed himself getting under the player’s skin by calling him “Russell Westbrick.”

The heckler even went as far as calling the 32-year-old man a “goof.”

Relayed by TMZ, the call-out from the prodding fan had the makings of halfway decent troll job until he started to backtrack his comments once Westbrook got testy … because Canada.


“What did you call me?” questioned Westbrook as he started to walk up to the bystander, which made the heckler sing a different tune.

“Westbrook, Russell Westbrook. I didn’t mean it like that,” said the Torontonian.

“I f**k with you, I just want you to play better,” the heckler added, also claiming that he “bets” on Westbrook every night.

Westbrook has been outspoken on the negative feedback he’s received all year as part of the dysfunctional Lakers squad, admitting that it affects him and his family.

“It affects them even going to games,” Westbrook previously stated. “And it’s gotten so bad where my family don’t even want to go to home games, to any game … and it’s just super unfortunate, man. And it’s super upsetting to me. I’m at a point where I’m going to continue to address it. It’s just unfortunate.”

The Lakers (29-40) hold the ninth spot in the Western Conference and aim to participate in the postseason play-in tournament starting in April.

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