VIDEO: New Camera Angle Shows Female Student Trying To Avoid Bumping Into Jermaine Burton Before He Strikes Her

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Alabama head coach Nick Saban said that wideout Jermaine Burton “was scared” by Tennessee fans when they stormed the field on Oct. 15. Burton has been under fire for striking a female Vols fan on his walk to the locker room.

It turns out that Burton made contact with several Tennessee students. A new angle of the scene shows the player not just making contact, but intentionally getting in the way of fans.

In a new video, Burton is seen shoving several other fans prior to the female student. Nick Saban, after deciding not to suspend Burton for the incident, claimed that Burton “was scared” and also said he “didn’t think it was necessary to suspend the guy [because] if you knew the whole story, maybe you wouldn’t either. But I am not gonna divulge that.”

Alabama fan and alumus Brandon Currey, who shot the video, provided it to OutKick. Currey also spoke to OutKick’s Glenn Guilbeau about what he saw that night.

Burton can be seen in the middle of the frame, walking down the sideline.

WATCH (Jermaine Burton wears #3):

Based on this new angle, it is clear that the female student tried hard to avoid bumping into the disgruntled wideout and even appeared to be past him when he made contact. She then grabs her head and looks back in shock after getting pushed by Burton, appearing confused as to why she was struck by him.

The video in the tweet below shows a slowed-down version of the contact with the female student, further underscoring that she tried to avoid Burton.

The new video shows nearly the entire journey that Burton made from the sideline into the locker room. Above is a slowed down and zoomed-in version of the final moments, when he struck the female Tennessee student.

The most head-scratching part of the controversy has been Burton’s excuse that he physically retaliated because he was startled by the running fans at Neyland.

Footage shows a more deliberate action by Burton rather than the naive angle he’s been promoting.

OutKick’s Trey Wallace spoke with the first student that released footage of Burton’s tantrum, Tennessee student Emily Isaacs.

She confirmed that she was struck by Burton during his walk to the locker room but declined to further comment on the WR’s actions.

In Wallace’s original story on the Burton incident, a TikTok was included of another fan allegedly struck by Burton. Here is that clip:

@jojonosiwa_ Jermaine Burton was so mad he had to hit me after the loss😭 I was told he smacked a girl in the head after too #bamapack #tennessee #vols #dixielanddelight #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound – JoJo

Coupled with the new video, you can see Burton go out of his way to strike this student, who appears to be a couple feet away from the wide receiver. Although, there was a larger crowd of fans around at this moment.

The question now for head coach Nick Saban is did he have knowledge of this new video? If he does not, will it change his approach to the situation? Saban has rightfully come under fire for his handling of the situation. OutKick’s Glenn Guilbeau addressed that on Friday:

Burton has incurred no outward discipline as Saban said it was being handled internally and that his wideout was receiving “counseling.” Burton was on the field, starting, in the team’s next game, a 30-6 victory over Mississippi State on Saturday.

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