Video: Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen Ripping Rob Manfred on Hot Mic [UPDATE]

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Brodie Van Waganen, the GM of the New York Mets, was seen on a hot mic video today saying that MLB commissioner Rob Manfred pitched a plan where the team would take the field, leave the field an hour later, and then return. “He just doesn’t get it,” Van Waganen said of Manfred.

Here is video and transcript:

If hot mics could capture the ensuing fallout in the commissioner’s office from this video leaking, it would be of immense public interest.

UPDATE: Here is Brodie Van Wagenen’s statement on the matter:

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

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  1. “he’s not dealing with reality”

    “he doesn’t get it”

    He’s really talking about the players. They’re killing their golden goo$e over a false narrative. They’ll get it next season when the $eats are empty. They’ll really get it when player $alaries inevitably take a dive. Ignore the weasel sports analysts on TV & radio (other than Outkick & a few others). The fans will have the last say.

  2. Perfect metaphor for our country right now, the Corona bros are selling the “How can you open your business in the midst of COVID19! Everyone should stay in their homes indefinitely”. Meanwhile everyone that actually works for a living and supports themselves is saying back “I think you are a bit confused, no one is going to pay my electric bill, or put food on the table for my children”. Doesn’t get it indeed.

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