Video: Maybe There Is A Reason Sarah Fuller Never Actually Kicked FGs For Vandy

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You clicked on this link to see some monstrosity of a field goal attempt, but we at OutKick want no part of ‘click bait culture.’ Oh, who are we kidding? Of course we do. So… without further ado, watch this ‘blast’ from the inspirational leader of Vandy football:

Yup… that isn’t even a 30 yard attempt that went about 15 yards to the left after hitting the snapper in the back. Amazing. What can’t she do?!?!

Fuller did kick two extra points for Vanderbilt during her time as the team mascot, which was enough to land her a sham co-Special Teams Player of the Week Award and get her jersey retired to the College Football Hall of Fame, an insult to every player who has come before her. So there is that.

She also helped Derek Mason lose the locker room, a publicity stunt that helped get him fired, but it also led to her attendance at President Biden’s inauguration.

If her time with the ‘Dores is any indication, every person sitting in their living room – or on the john – can be a scholarship athlete. It doesn’t take much to toe bash a ball into the band section.

So kudos to you, Sarah Fuller. You have been an inspiration to both female and male athletes everywhere who say “I could do that…”

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  1. the sarah fuller thingy is the number one liberal publicity stunt of all time.

    butt it will be in 2nd place soon, when they force biden to resign and Kamala is sworn in. she couldn’t get a single primary vote and yet will be appointed POTUS. she will be celebrated of course the same as fuller. and yet too .. she will have obtained her position as a fraud just like fuller.

    thats the message to young ladies and psychopaths; get things at any cost.

  2. Red Meat level 10,000

    No wonder Mason lost the locker room. The players at practice saw how inept she was. It is inconceivable that one of the frat dudes / intramural players on campus who played ball in high school couldn’t have rendered a better result.

    • That’s not even a comparison. I bet that kicker for the Bucs could nail 60 yarders in practice all day long. His snapper is who the joke was on. It is not the point that men often times look ridiculous playing sports, it is the fact that the fake left wing communist party thinks we should applaud Sarah Fuller and Vandy for what exactly? A given spot on the field? Do you know how many scout team players dream of just sniffing the field on game day? Walk-on’s that dream of getting put on the travel squad? Blood, sweat, tears, lifting, training, etc and this gimmick takes that spot? It is all a sick joke.

  3. We have all kinds of museums covering various topics. I think there should be one dedicated to those episodes in American history which contributed to it’s downfall. This Sarah Fuller story and the lunacy leading up to it should be an example.

  4. Funny, I`ve never heard / seen any media member brag about voting her the “co special teams player of the week”. What an insult to the previous award winners who actually earned the award. The only thing more woke is that purple haired dyke who plays on the US Womens soccer team.

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