Video: Bobby Petrino to Les Miles: “F— you, motherf—–.”

Just after Les Miles kicked a field goal to go up 41-17 — LSU had outscored Arkansas 41-3 since going down 14-0 — CBS cameras caught Bobby Petrino pointing to Les Miles and sending a not so subtle message about what he thought of Miles’s game management.

I’m no professional lipreader but Petrino appears to say,

“F— you, motherf—–.”

The final score meant that LSU beat Arkansas by the same margin, 24, as Alabama.

It also guaranteed LSU a spot in the BCS title game no matter what happens against Georgia.

Video via Twitter handle @cfbsection which you can find here.

At the post-game handshake Petrino appeared to mutter, “Whatever,” when Miles shook his hand.

Also, OKTC reader Ashley Y. — who you can find on Twitter here — compiled a running tally of the Arkansas-LSU CBS drinking game. Here were her totals:


“I’m not sure if anyone else kept score. Here’s what I got:

1. Drink every time teh SEC tiebreak rules are discussed on screen.


2. Drink every time Verne Lundquist says: Oh. My. Goodness.  


3. Toss one back every time LSU’s loss in 2007 is mentioned.  


4. When Verne chortles, drink for every chortle.  


5. Drink when the BCS standings are shown.  


6. Every time Les Miles is shown palm-clapping on the sideline, drink.  


7. Drink each time Urban Meyer to Ohio State is mentioned.  


8. Drink when Verne misidenfities a player, team or confuses an interception for a completion.  


9. If Tim Tebow is mentioned for any reason, do a shot.  

0 (altough they did mention Ryan Mallet once)

10. Each time the impact of an Arkansas win is discussed, drink.


11. Drink if Gary Danielson finds a defender “out of position.” 


12. Every time Bobby Petrino is called an offensive genius, playcalling wizard, or riverboat gambler, drink.  


13. When Verne calls Tyrann Mathieu “the Honey Badger,” drink.  


14. If Les Miles uses the word “want” or “multiplicity.”


15. No LSU fans are hott. If you counted “Crazy LSU Fans” it would be at least 20.

Other noteworthy items:

1. Verne’s Amazing French: 10

2. LSU’s Off-Field Behavior: 7

3. Victoria’s Secret Commercial: 1

4. Sexual References: 6

(Pull it out, ball skills, that’s what she saids)

5. Les Miles’ Confused Look: 12

6. Jefferson’s Superman: 1

7. CBS Dissing the BCS: at least 5

8. Did you see the Purple and Yellow Teletubbies? Come on.

9. Why were the LSU cheerleaders wearing T-shirts?

Doubt the power of the #cbsdrink movement? Check out your new Internet buddies. Thousands and thousands of them were playing along with us. This thing was truly amazing. I’m floored by how many of y’all jumped aboard the train. 

We’ll be ready with a new one next week for the SEC title game.   

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.


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