Video: Bloody Aisle Brawl Breaks Out Over Masks On Flight To Ibiza

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A Friday flight from Amsterdam to Ibiza was highlighted by a bloody brawl in the aisle after two possibly drunken English lads refused to wear masks, according to the Independent. An aviation podcast site claims the two brawlers had been drinking Gregus (Grey Goose) vodka before deciding to go MMA with fellow passengers.

As you can see in the video, passengers who weren’t allegedly lubed up on Gregus eventually win the battle, and the two guys refusing to wear masks were arrested by Spanish authorities once the plane landed.

According to the NL Times:

The captain of the aircraft made the decision to continue on to the destination as the flight was already far away from its origin, the spokesperson said. The two were turned over to Spanish authorities when the Boeing 737 landed on the island at about noon, nearly 2.5 hours after departure.

This is wild, but still isn’t the wildest thing to happen this weekend. That award goes to the maniac in Florida who jumped on the hood of an ABF Freight truck.

Maybe these two took a pill for the ride to Ibiza? Let’s all lay off the Gregus, have safe flights to Ibiza and then get some beach time. 2020 is already crazy enough to have a bloody brawl in the aisle on the way to paradise. Get it together, Europe.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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