Video: Armed Forces Bowl Ends With Massive Brawl Between Mississippi State, Tulsa

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Mississippi State got to 4-7 on Thursday with a 28-26 win over Tulsa in the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl. But we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to discuss what happened after the game.

A massive brawl broke out, with players from both teams throwing punches, kicking and throwing each other to the ground. For some, it was probably far and away the most exciting part of the game.

That’s one way to give fans their money’s worth, I suppose.

The build up was movie-like, and things quickly got out of hand. Mississippi State wide receiver Malik Heath was even seen kicking a Tulsa player while he was down and then running away.

Anyone who watched this game had to have seen something like this coming, though. The teams were going at it even before the game officially kicked off. From start to finish, it was chippy, and things finally hit a boiling point.

What made things even more interesting were the comments from Bulldogs coach Mike Leach following the brawl. It was typical Mike Leach. Some will love it, but others won’t be happy about him downplaying a serious situation.

Yet again, we should probably have seen this response from Leach coming.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. Mississippi State seems to get into one of these every year. As far as Malik Heath goes, way to feed the stereotype dude…..kick someone when they’re down and then run away……..keep your ‘hood mentality off the field you effin’ loser.

  2. as schools in deep blue states get rid of football slowly but surely, the ‘hood’ mentality in college football will increase.

    football is seen as too masculine and 2021 will be the year of the lefty feminine ‘we know better’ movement will slowly dismantle anything exclusively male. you read it here first.

  3. Shot in the dark but I’m guessing that none of the gentlemen seen in the locker room video writes their own college papers, or has ever in their entire lives legitimately passed a test in any academic subject. I also believe with all my heart that somewhere in America, a white racist policeman is responsible for the violence witnessed on that field.

  4. Sad that these losers are bragging about their actions. I guess they have some more hood credibility. Yay! All for the clout! Mike Leach, if he had any balls, would kick Heath and anyone else bragging about this off the team. Nah, that would be too much responsibility for these guys to handle so just send them home to mom or grandma so they can get babied more.

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