VIDEO: A Fight About Lockdowns Breaks Out on CNBC

On CNBC this morning, a fight about lockdowns broke out between Andrew Ross Sorkin (who also writes for the New York Times) and the personality Rick Santelli. Check it out:

Santelli argues that it’s absurd to shut down restaurants when you can plainly see hundreds of cars in a Lowe’s parking lot. Sorkin keeps invoking science. Their discussion devolves into an intense disagreement about which of them is doing a disservice to viewers.

I understand there are some CNBC viewers who don’t want theatrics like this and just want to know what the jobs report will mean for their stocks. From my perspective, however, this could’ve gone on for another 15 minutes, and I would’ve been quite alright.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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    • They don’t even understand what science is at this point. Since reason is white supremacy everything is science as long as it’s claimed to be science. We’ve also entered the age where models have replaced science by experimentation.

  1. The science is lacking substance. Air travel has proven to be safe but restaurants aren’t safe. Bullshit. The virus goes wherever it wants. If you’re afraid to go out in public stay in the basement but for god’s sake leave the rest of us alone.

  2. Sorkin is a moron. Too many young morons in America ready to destroy the country. Makes me sick.
    Masks work soooo well Europe has been sick despite massive mandates and mostly very obedient people. Again Sorkin is a moron because at this point it’s a cult. The leftist cult creating pseudo moral values to gain power over average people.

  3. If the lockdowns, closing/restricting of businesses, closing schools, mask wearing, social distancing and cancelling sports activities all worked, then why are the number of positives supposedly going up? The fact is those things do not stop a virus. That’s a plain and simple fact. As Clay has correctly stated many times, 2 things work to defeat a virus; (1) vaccines/therapeutics, (2) herd immunity. If your under age 70 and do not have serious health problems, survival rate is 99.98%. Take measures to protect the vulnerable portion of the population.

    The societal and human costs of these absurd shutdowns are tragic. And for anyone that favor these businesses being shutdown or severely restricted, then they should absolutely be supportive of their business being shut down and then going to apply for unemployment. But these left wing nuts in the media do not have to live with the consequences of their opinions. CNBC is not an essential business, there are plenty of sources to get financial info. So if the government ordered the immediate shutdown of CNBC for the next 9 -12 months, all those people would be supportive of that?

  4. 1:12: “I think our viewers are smart enough to make some of those decisions on their own”.

    Boom. That is the KO punch in my book. These media talking heads are so damn arrogant and patronizing to the average working class American and are so blind to their condescending, elitist attitudes. Media knows best. Government knows best. Never question anything. Do not calculate your own risks nor make the best decisions for your family. Shut up and listen. Obey.

    I knew a lot of people were dumb but this whole pandemic really showed me just how many people are willing to give up their freedom in the name of safety. Those that do deserve neither.

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