Victor Wembanyama Doesn’t Want Teams Tanking to Draft Him

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The NBA season is progressing quickly, and for some teams and fanbases, their attention may be turning to Victor Wembanyama.

Wembanyama is already regarded as the likely top pick in the upcoming draft and considered a possible generational talent. So it’s not surprising that some teams might not be trying their hardest to win each night.

The NBA certainly needs an infusion of new talent as well, considering their recent ratings record.


Increasing their odds of landing Wembanyama with poor performance on the court might, on paper, be a smart strategy.

But if you ask him, he’s not impressed with teams tanking to try and get him.

“Tanking? It’s a weird strategy. I find it unreasonable, and I try not to think about it. I also heard that the NBA considered changing a few rules for me, but that doesn’t concern me,” Wembanyama told French paper Le Parisien.

It may be a weird strategy, but it’s long been a popular one in the NBA. Especially when there’s likely to be a transcendent player available.

Victor Wembanyama
PARIS, FRANCE – DECEMBER 29: Victor Wembanyama of team France All Star arrives on the court for the All Star France against the All Star World match as part of the All Star Basketball game of the French National Basketball League (LNB) at AccorHotels Arena on December 29, 2022 in Paris, France. (Photo by Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images)

Will Teams Try Tanking For Wembanyama?

Obviously, no matter what he thinks of the strategy, he’ll likely end up on whichever team gets the #1 pick.

But he certainly has a point about the motivations behind it.

For players in his position, it’s not particularly appealing to envision going to a team so bad they’re able to try and lose.

The Pistons, Rockets and Hornets are all sitting near the bottom of the standings, and it might be tempting to pack it in already.

But that certainly wouldn’t make them more appealing destinations for players trying to win championships.

We won’t have to wait long to find out how desperate they are to lock up Wembanyama. And find out how he feels about it.

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