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Now that we have that Rockies nonsense out of the way, it’s time to drop the final six feet of the weeping cherry tree

Remember how I was saying yesterday that people need to stop opening social media apps on Sunday afternoons? Look what came out of Sunday afternoon — some random guy on Twitter thinks he hears a guy yelling the n-word at a Marlins hitter so he tweets it, people start RTing it, the video goes crazy and the Rockies issue some statement about how this racist will be caught and dealt with. Keith Olbermann loses his mind over this alleged racist. The usual suspects jump in, and then it turns out the grown man was yelling “DINGER” towards the team mascot.

Choose your own adventure here, but dammit turn off the app on Sunday afternoons…until football season. Save yourself the emotional stress that comes with these idiots looking to jack up your blood pressure. Let me roll in on Monday morning to blog all the nonsense that was shoved your way during a Sunday that should’ve been spent under a willow tree or on a walk with your children.

Speaking of trees, the dead weeping cherry tree I started cutting down Saturday has six more feet to drop and then that era will be over. Why did I stop? Because I didn’t want to fire up the chainsaw and ruin patio parties. I’ve told you guys that I have a strict 4:30 ET quiet period where, no matter how I feel about certain neighbors, I still turn off the gas-powered tools so they neighbors can enjoy patio time. It’s the respectful thing to do. I just hope for the same in return.

Again, the gas-powered window on Saturdays is 9-4:30 and it’s 10-5:30 on Sundays in neighborhoods with houses on less than two acres of property.

• Mike in Kentucky writes:

Hey Joe. I love the idea of the Thursday Night Mowing League, and I have wanted to participate, but there’s a catch: I work a non-standard workweek at my job. My days off are Tuesday and Wednesday, so mowing on Thursday is fairly non-sensical for me. But a few weeks ago I had an epiphany. Adjusting for my workweek, my Thursday equivalent is Sunday, so for me, mowing on Sunday would be in the same spirit as the TNML.

It took a couple weeks, but last night I made it happen. It’s Monday and I can look forward to the next 2 nights and days knowing that mowing the lawn is not on the agenda.
I would like to apply for an exemption membership to TNML. I may not be mowing on actual Thursday, but I am mowing on MY Thursday.
Keep up the great work.

Commish response: I get it, Mike. Tuesday and Wednesday were my days off at my first newspaper job right out of college. I worked nights. Very few days off. Next to impossible to get a Saturday off. It was pretty much pure misery until I worked my way up to Sundays and Mondays off. Then I felt like I’d made it in life.

All that said, Mike is showing great passion here for the project and the idea behind TNML. The official ruling here is that he has an exemption and will be allowed in on a hardship. Congrats, Mike.

• Cody W. writes:

Love the work you are doing , did Tim give instructions on how to start the Gauntlet? We are doing one in two week. Would like to have official rules from the founder!

The rules as explained by Tim in Texas — here.

• Let’s pivot for a minute……over the weekend I watched the 2018 HBO Andre the Giant documentary and damn near exploded in tears when Hulk Hogan went into detail about his 1987 Wrestlemania 3 match against Andre. Going in, I didn’t expect to get emotional over the Giant, but there I was on the couch almost bawling. It was pretty much my Notebook moment.

• Last night, I was reading up on and thinking about this infrastructure bill that Washington D.C. is rambling on about. Let’s say the politicians get this $1 trillion bill through. Do you have faith in the government to actually spend that money wisely? Do you think that garbage highway bridge you drive over on the way to work will be replaced in a timely matter, if it’s replaced at all? I don’t. Here in NW Ohio, I-75 through downtown Toledo has consistently been under construction for at least the last 12-14 years. The current Maumee River bridge project has been going on since my youngest son was born. He’s 4 1/2, and it feels like there are another 2-3 years before full completion for a project that was slated to take five years.

• And how many bridges and roads does $1 trillion get you these days?

• Get those patio TVs ready for Thursday after mowing. The Field of Dreams game from Iowa will take place this week on Fox. 8,000 people will be there for this historic game from Dyersville, Iowa and that has pushed the get-in price to $1,400 per ticket. Get your Busch lattes iced down. Major League Baseball is coming to Iowa.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. I appreciate any neighbor with the decency to shut down the power tools by beer:30. That’s that neighbor shit that has been missing from communities for decades. Especially when hired contractors are working the hood. They don’t GAF.

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