Veronica Bielik’s Latest Thong Update Suggests That Kliff Kingsbury’s Vacation In Thailand Might Be Coming To An End

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Kliff Kingsbury might have finally purchased a couple of one-way tickets back to Arizona. His detox from his four seasons as the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals – and Kyler Murray – with his Instagram model girlfriend appears to have concluded.

According to Veronica Bielik’s latest update from Thailand, she is headed back to the U.S. You would assume after weeks of vacation, and playing Instagram boyfriend, that Kliff would be accompanying her back to the states.

Veronica Bielik's Latest Thong Update Suggests That Kliff Kingsbury's Vacation In Thailand Might Be Coming To An End
Kliff Kingsbury’s girlfriend provides an update (Image Credit: Veronica Bielik/Instagram)

The 29-year-old’s update came in the form of a few different looks at her thong bikini, which she suggests in the caption might have been her unemployed boyfriend’s idea, “Next time I’ll post the ones I liked the most.”

Veronica added the hashtag “byethailand” to the caption along with an arrow pointing to the letters US. That seems to be fairly straightforward. She’s at least saying goodbye to the Southeast Asian country.

What about Kliff? How has he managed to avoid detection? Well, as has been the case throughout their relationship, there are glimpses of him if you look hard enough.

For instance, Kliff appears to be sitting next to Veronica in the second of the thong shots she shared in her farewell. He’s not looking at the camera and your focus, understandably, is drawn elsewhere.

Kliff Kingsbury Can’t Hide Forever From The Internet Sleuths

He did not evade the detectives in the comment section. A commenter asked if Kliff was with her and had it pointed out that he was in one of the pics.

The detective commented, “Kliff is in pic #2. If you look closely he’s on the other lounge chair. He just has his head turned away for the photo.”

Kliff Kingsbury Veronica Bielik
Appears to be Kliff Kingsbury relaxing with his girlfriend Veronica Bielik in Thailand (Image Credit: Instagram)

Now that looks relaxing. If that doesn’t help reset things for you and put you in a whole new headspace nothing will.

The best part is, there was no hesitation. Kliff was fired and almost immediately purchased a one-way ticket to Thailand.

No talks about coaching opportunities or anything. He kicked his feet up and enjoyed not having the stresses of trying to fix the Arizona Cardinals and their video game addicted quarterback.

The best part is there’s plenty of time for more life as a travel influencer for the two of them.

Written by Sean Joseph

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