Vegas Is Healing: Trevor Lawrence & His Crew Hit Up Sin City For Bachelor Party

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According to a password-protected wedding registry (that I would purchase from if someone would give me the password), No. 1 pick Trevor Lawrence and Marisa Mowry are scheduled to be married April 10 in South Carolina. That means that final preparations are being made, and over the weekend, it was time for the 21-year-old Lawrence to get in a last-minute bachelor party. He chose Vegas with his boys.

TMZ has a photo of the Jags franchise quarterback trying his throwing hand at craps. Observers report seeing Lawrence at Mandalay Bay Sunday night — and that’s it. That’s the extent of the action out of the crew. This doesn’t appear to be a Johnny Manziel crew that goes blotto and rages. Lawrence comes off as the kind of 21-year-old who likes some action here and there, but he’s level-headed about things and knows he’s about to be paid handsomely by the Jags and Head ‘n Shoulders.

The nightly news can swear that the world isn’t healing and that there are 10 more stages of hell before Vegas can start ripping out the dumb plexiglass around the craps tables, but this is all I need to know about the world. Bachelor parties are returning to Vegas. That’s big, especially when it’s the No. 1 pick in the draft putting his surgically repaired non-throwing shoulder out there at a craps table, risking a cocktail waitress bumping a tray of vodka/Red Bulls into it.

Take note, coronabros. Things are back on track. Get your Vegas trips scheduled. It’s time to crank back up.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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