Vegas Golden Knights Fan Explains Why She Used Her Prosthetic Leg During Fight

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Just when I thought I’d seen it all during my internet career, along comes a Vegas Golden Knights fan removing her prosthetic leg and using it as a weapon during what appears to be a beef with an Edmonton fan during Saturday’s game at T-Mobile Arena.

A woman named Elizabeth Clary seemed to take credit as the woman who removed the fake leg.

“She shouldn’t have put her middle finger in the pic I was trying to take with my son, spit on me, or threw her beer on me & my fam,” Clary tweeted, explaining her version of the situation. “Yes, I took my leg off multiple times and cheered on the team that’s imprinted on it that’s my choice. Leg on or off I’ll beat her ass.”

Let’s go to the footage:

“I ignored her all night until she stuck her middle finger between me & my son while we were trying to take a picture. She then spit on me and threw beer all over us. I’ll defend myself by any means any time,” Clary added.

When one Twitter fight analyst suggested using a prosthetic leg was a “rookie move” because these things are so expensive, Clary wasted zero time firing back.

“Not that expensive when you have good insurance, new ones the way anyway,” she noted.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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