Vanessa Bryant Settles Lawsuit With Owners Of Helicopter

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Vanessa Bryant, the widow of late NBA star Kobe Bryant, has agreed to settle her lawsuit against the pilot and owners of the helicopter that crashed in January 2020 and took the lives of the Lakers star, the Bryants’ daughter, Gianna, and seven others.

Vanessa Bryant and relatives of the other victims filed an agreement notice Tuesday with federal judges, per reports. Terms were not disclosed.

“If approved by the court, the settlement would end a negligence and wrongful death lawsuit filed against the estate of the pilot and the owner and operator of the helicopter that crashed into a hillside on Jan. 26, 2020,” The Associated Press reported.

Kobe, Gianna and the rest of the victims were flying from Orange County to Bryant’s Mamba Sports Academy for a youth basketball tournament in Ventura County. It was a Sunday morning, and the helicopter crashed after running into some thick fog in the San Fernando Valley north of Los Angeles.

“The National Transportation Safety Board released a report in February that blamed pilot error for the crash.” the AP relayed. “The NTSB said a series of poor decisions led Zobayan to fly blindly into a wall of clouds where he became so disoriented he thought he was climbing when the craft was plunging.”

Written by Sam Amico

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  1. This broad just sueing everyone hasn’t done a thing in life except marry money which apparently wasn’t enough and I am sure the pilot was “encouraged” to put it mildly to keep flying to reach the destination

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