Vandy Coach Invites UT Fan To Visit For Ass-Kicking

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Vandy offensive line coach Herb Hand is a great guy and a fun Twitter follow. You can follow him on Twitter here. But yesterday Hand came face to face with the newest Twitter foil, someone who chose to Tweet obscene insults about his family.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the continued devolution of Twitter discourse. After all, Facebook is rapidly losing its popularity with the idiots out there, and those idiots have to go somewhere on the Internet. Of late they’ve picked Twitter. And I’m now to the point where I think you should have to pass a basic intelligence test to be allowed to Tweet. 

Recently, the number of people on Twitter who go after wives and kids is downright scary. 

Hell, even the mob leaves families alone.

But some on Twitter have a moral code that would even make mob bosses blush.  

Yesterday @julianbucio, a University of Tennessee fan who happens to be one of 100 or so people I have ever blocked on Twitter because he sent me similar messages attacking my family, Tweeted this to Coach Hand, “dude I think your wife is f—ing someone while you coach your pathetic football team. #slut”

I don’t care who you are, I think you would read that and find it well beyond the pale of acceptable discourse. 

In fact, if someone said that to your face, something a cowardly loser like Julian would never do — he’d probably ask for a photo or autograph in person — he’d deserve a complete and total ass beating, right?

See, somewhere along the way in social media, lots of people have forgotten that social media doesn’t eliminate social consequences.

Freedom of speech is great, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have freedom from consequences. Sometimes these clowns forget that Twitter is a two-way street. 

So you can bet our buddy Julian felt his bowels tighten up a bit when he received this reply from Hand, “Feel free to come by anytime so we can talk about this in person like men.”

Hand Tweeted anew, “You are welcome to come to my office so we can discuss this face to face…I fully welcome the opportunity.”

Hand later Tweeted a text message he’d sent to UT coach Butch Jones with the following message, “Here is what one of your fans sent me on Twitter today about Deb. Just thought you’d like to know. If any of our fans were to say something like this about Barb, please let me know so I can personally whip their ass.”

To which I have to say.

Brav-fucking-o, Coach Hand.

I’m not a guy who ever advocates violence, but there’s a certain segment of the population that only responds to violence or threats of violence. That is, they’re cowardly social media punks who think there are no consequences to what they Tweet.

The only way to rectify their behavior is with the threat of punishment. 

So what’s acceptable discourse on Twitter?

My standard is pretty simple — everything I’ve ever Tweeted I’d say on the radio or in person. That seems pretty fair and simple.

As for what people can say to me, I’m a public figure, so I’ve got a broad standard. After all, in the ultimate irony, every “hater” Tweet really does just make me richer. But I also don’t want those same haters to blow up my timeline with consistent and repetitive boring Tweets. That’s why I’ve laid out my standards for blocking people here.

I’ve got 75k Twitter followers and I’ve only had to block 100 people. That’s a tiny percentage. 

You can generally say what you want about me, but my family isn’t fair game. 

At all. 

I can’t believe that anyone even has to be told that. 

But evidently people like Julian do. 

Here’s Julian in his Grizz gear. 

Wonder what Julian’s mom would think about his Tweets about Coach Hand’s wife? I’d say wonder what his girlfriend would think, but that’s just laughable. He’s clearly a fat, sad man with no friends. 

How much would you love it if Coach Hand showed up at Julian’s door with a camera crew in tow?

When Julian answered the door, Coach Hand could say, “Yeah, this camera crew is here to film me beating your ass. Once I do it, we’re uploading the video to YouTube, it’s going to go viral. The first result for every Google search for the rest of your life will be you getting your ass beat. Welcome to my new show, “Twitter payback for bitches.” You ready to be a star, bitch?”

How quickly do you think Julian would apologize? How quickly do you think Julian would beg for mercy?

That’s why “Twitter payback for bitches,” would be an amazing television show. 

We’ve already had a great preview courtesy of boxer Curtis Woodhouse livetweeting his pursuit of a Tweeter going after his recent boxing performance.

In the meantime, Coach Hand has since deleted his Tweets and posted this message:

Julian, you can stop wetting yourself now. 

Written by Clay Travis

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