NFL Player Shares Incredibly Emotional Moment With His Father

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Los Angeles Rams receiver Van Jefferson shared a very touching moment with his father this past weekend.

Van’s father Shawn is an assistant coach on the Cardinals, and following Arizona pulling off a 27-17 win, the young NFL player met his father on the field for an emotional embrace.

Cameras filming for “Hard Knocks” captured the moment, and I’m fairly confident it could melt even the toughest of hearts.

There’s something about this video that simply hits differently. Hearing Shawn tell his 26-year-old son to “stay in the fight” after a disappointing loss was incredibly touching.

You can tell there’s an unbelievable amount of love in that relationship. Even after Shawn helped Van Jefferson and the Rams take a loss, he showed zero hesitation when it came to propping his son back up.

Van Jefferson’s father Shawn told him to “stay in the fight” after the Rams lost to the Cardinals. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

You really can’t overstate the importance of great fathers in the lives of men in America. We’ve seen time and time again what happens when fathers disappear or aren’t present at the level they should be.

It often ends in disaster. Great fathers and strong male role models lead to stronger young men and communities.

This interaction makes it crystal clear Van Jefferson and his father Shawn are very close. His dad handed Van’s team a loss and then immediately found ways to help build his son up.

Van Jefferson’s dad offered him encouragement after the Rams lost to the Cardinals. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

That’s the kind of stuff you simply have to love and support. We need more interactions and moments like this in America. Everyone would certainly be better off if this was the standard.

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